Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME

There are many benefits to exercise, but I have always maintained that exercise makes me HUNGRY!   Pshaw, responded trainers and exercise gurus.  Exercise, they said, helps to suppress your appetite.  Pshaw, I responded back.  Maybe for others, but not for ME.  I remember one particular 30 mile bike ride a few years ago that caused me to down half a pan of lasagna . . . and I could have gone for more had there been any left!

This article from TIME magazine confirms my theory.  Exercise actually makes most people hungrier (makes sense) and probably doesn’t contribute much to weight loss.  That’s not saying exercise isn’t good, or that it won’t improve your overall fitness level, or tone those upper arms.  It’s just that our wonderful bodies, designed to maintain homeostasis, respond to an output of energy exertion by telling us that we need more energy input to sustain it!

My idea of exercise is something that’s also fun to do, making exercise the by-product of the activity, not the aim of the activity itself.  Long walks, fun bike rides, some gentle yoga or stretching just because it feels good.  I’m glad to find out that beating myself up with grueling exercise routines is not only unnecessary, but may be counter-productive when it comes to weight loss!

Here is the link to the article:

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME.


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