Would You Eat 15 Cubes of Sugar At Once?

Would you eat 15 cubes of sugar at one sitting?  That’s basically what you’re doing when you order one of these large smoothies from Jamba Juice. And to think I always felt so virtuous when I ordered a liquid lunch from Jamba Juice!   If you’re curious about how many cubes of sugar are in foods you eat, go check out SugarStacks.com today!

Wow!  Check out the sugar in this McDonald’s milkshake!  You can read the nutritional label to find out how many grams of sugar a food item contains, but SugarStacks.com provides an interesting visual by using sugar cubes to show you just how much sugar you’re ingesting.

If we’re eating a Cinnabon, diets and healthy eating probably aren’t our priority at the moment!


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