Diet Friday

It’s Diet Friday on Tuesday!

Sorry for the delayed update!  Perhaps I procrastinated on this post because my weight loss last week was almost too insignificant to mention:  0.5 lbs.

On the positive side, it is movement in the right direction.  On the negative side, I was following the program to a “T” and still didn’t have much movement on the old scale.

Here is the strangest thing to me:  I tracked everything I ate last week, and my daily calorie count did not exceed 1,200 calories.

This was surprising to me, as I was NOT restricting calories and was eating to my heart’s content.  It just so happens that cutting out sugar and cutting back on carbs naturally restricted my caloric intake.  I am following Jorge Cruise’s “Belly Fat Cure” diet, which allows no more than 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings daily of 20 or fewer grams of carbohydrate.  I was not restricting anything else. 

I tracked everything I ate last week on an IPhone app called Nutrition Menu.  It’s a customizable app that lets you track the foods you eat and breaks down the nutritional information based on the categories you choose.  Here is a sample day of my nutritional breakdown for January 27th:

  • Calories:  1075
  • Fat:  47.7
  • Carbs: 95.8
  • Fiber: 17.2
  • Protein: 79.2
  • Sugars: 6.5

The app also tracks sodium, cholesterol, etc.; but I’m just giving you the highlights.

My first observation is that I’m amazed that I could eat less than 1100 calories and not be hungry.  In fact, I was completely satisfied and had no cravings whatsoever.  I was never before able to stick with such a limited calorie restriction on Weight Watchers.

My second observation is that I would expect to lose more weight simply based on the restricted calorie intake, especially with moderate exercise.

As long as I continue to trend downward on the scale, I will stick with this program.  I know that I needed to break away from my sugar habit, and I like not feeling shaky or hungry a few hours after eating.  I also know that I could back off more on the carbs and lose more quickly.  But I feel that this amount of carbs is optimal for my energy level and my attitude! I also want to avoid that rebound syndrome that happens to so many people when they restrict carbs to the level of ketosis.  So I’ll stay on the slow track and try to be patient.  After all, I am indulging in a square of dark chocolate, real cream in my coffee and an occasional glass of red wine.  Can I really complain?



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2 responses to “Diet Friday

  1. Hi, I noticed your blog about the Belly Fat Cure book. I am also doing this “diet” since Jan 10th. I wanted to follow you to see if you lose the weight that Jorge claims you can lose, because I have not lost 1 single lb. I just don’t get it. I am following his book to a T and getting nowhere. I am in hopes of finding someone who is successful at it so I can find out if I’m doing the right thing or not. It’s hard to get answers from his website. I wish you much success!!

    • Thanks for your response, Deanna. I have heard from people who have had varying degrees of success on this plan. Most of us who are losing more slowly than the people in the book are women over 45. I suspect that there are some hormonal reasons for this. I’m going to try stepping up my exercise a bit this week, I’ll let you know if that helps.

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