From the Dr. Oz Website: Dangerous Beauty Mineral Powder Warning

Aaaack!  I watched Dr. Oz today during my lunch break, and I was shocked to see that my mineral powder makeup may actually be damaging my lungs.  That loose mineral powder ( swirl swirl, tap tap) that many of us switched to from liquid foundation because it was “natural” can actually cause long-term lung damage!  Today’s episode on “Dangerous Beauty” also contained some warning on face creams and lip gloss, but the mineral powder foundation . . . “so natural you can sleep in it” . . . was the biggest shocker! Here is the bad news about mineral powder:

The Problem with Powder

Mineral makeup is a big trend. Made from minerals such as mica, which are used for industrial purposes as well, these tiny particles are a thousand times smaller than predecessors from even 10 years ago. Their small size makes for a smoother, more flawless look, but it has one serious unintended consequence. The particles are so tiny they fall quickly through the air and can be inhaled easily into your lungs. When construction workers use mica in products such as spackle, they wear masks to protect their lungs from scarring over time. Though there are no studies showing damage from makeup use to date, experts say the long-term use and inhalation of minerals in makeup can lead to inflammation, irritation, and lung disease in women and girls.

 Click on the lipstick to read the entire article on the Dr. Oz website.



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8 responses to “From the Dr. Oz Website: Dangerous Beauty Mineral Powder Warning

  1. Wow and I just spent $70 bucks on some mineral foundation powder. :O(

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    This addresses the mis information touted by Dr. Oz.

    • Thanks, Karrie, for offering another perspective on mineral powder makeup.

      • Amy K

        Mineral powder made me sick as a dog the day I applied it. Nausea, headache, trouble breathing, and my mind was racing horribly, the moment it hit my face. I switched to all natural makeup now. I look like heck, but that was scary. Nice retort to Karrie.

  4. Hi, please could you tell me how to integrate your news in my rss reader, i cant find here the rss symbol…

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