Diet Friday

Sugar Really IS The New Fat

I think it’s official . . . sugar is now the food villian du jour.  It used to be fat, then carbs, then fat again.  Now, it’s sugar.  Recently, it seems like everyone is jumping on the sugar-free bandwagon.  A few days ago, even Ellen DeGeneres announced her sugar-free journey.  That’s good, because someone needs to inject some humour into the situation.  If we have to give up our muffins, cakes, cookies and pies . . . at least we can go out laughing.  I’ve posted a link to Ellen’s sugar-free status below, and she’ll be doing daily video updates on her journey.  To be fair, however, it sounds like Ellen is just giving up processed sugar.  She mentions using Agave Nectar in her coffee.  I’ll post on Agave Nectar later, but I’ll warn you that you won’t like it.  Jorge Cruise and Dr. Mercola are both strongly against it, saying it’s marketing hype and it’s really just fructose.  I’ll also remind you that on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure plan, you are only allowed 15 grams of sugar per day from ALL sources, even natural sources.  That means a glass of skim milk or a banana will pretty much put you at your limit.  Yet I, who may have been the Queen of All Sugar Junkies, was able to cut it out without any cravings or untoward side effects.  I credit the balance of healthy carbs and satiating fats.

Take a look and have a laugh as Ellen begins her sugar-free journey, then come back and I will give you my weekly weight loss status update:

via Ellen’s Sugar-Free Journey.

My weight loss for the week is  0.5 lbs.  That’s right, another half-pound, just like last week.  It has now been one month of following Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure, and my grand total is 4.5 lbs.  I know that’s not dramatic, but the fact is that I weigh 4.5 lbs less than I did a month ago, following this plan has been absolutely painless, and I have felt great the whole time.  I DID say I wanted this to be slow and steady, right?  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!



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3 responses to “Diet Friday

  1. Hi..thanks for popping by my blog before. I too slipped into this fairly easily. I just had a beer..but because I had zero sugar all day it was fine 🙂

    I’m down 8 lbs. I’m happy with that..3 weeks.

    I can see it now and that’s always nice 🙂

    I have another 30 to lose but so far the cravings are nil..I’ve been exploring for a long time and I think I can do this..I thought I would go nuts for sugar but without the sugar it seems there are no cravings..I’m entering pms now and we’ll see how the next two weeks go..they are usually the worse time.

    It’s rather easy..I haven’t eaten any of the “fun” foods but just a good healthy sugar-free diet.


  2. marah19

    I just bought the book this afternoon… and I’m definitely going to try this…

    I’ve been doing research and I’m unable to find some of the food products here in Canada.. ie. Nature’s Hollow Jam, Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder, most of the breads… it’s frustrating. I’m from Ottawa, Canada..

    To note, if I order it through, they want to charge me $90.00ish for Shipping and Handling.. and going through their individual websites… Nature’s Hollow doesn’t accomodate for Canadian residents (I’ve e-mailed them) and I’ve also E-mailed Jay Robb Website for info (awaiting both to respond).

    Would you have any insights as to were I can find these products without paying ridiculous amounts of money?

    • Many of the products listed in the book are hard to get . . . even here in Texas! The Keto-Slim bars are no longer made. I actually haven’t been using many of the products. I do get an extreme dark chocolate from Endangered Species that I order through Amazon. If you check out Jorge’s website, he has a new program that you can download for free that doesn’t use any specialty products, just regular food. It’s called the No Fail program for women over 40.

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