Zevia Soda: Is it worth the carbs?

Some shocking news from Jorge Cruise about Zevia soda:  You must now count it as 1 carb serving on “The Belly Fat Cure” diet plan!  Yikes! 

If you’ve been following the BFC, then you know that Zevia is the only soda that Jorge Cruise endorses.  It is sweetened with Stevia, rather than the other artifical sugars currently in most diet sodas.  In his book, Jorge says that he enjoys one or two a day.  I also have been reluctantly tolerating enjoying one or two a day.  In a note on his Facebook page yesterday, Jorge published a link to some corrections that will be in the next edition of the book.  Here are the changes: http://jorgecruise.com/storage/Book_Updates_2010.pdf 

As it turns out, Zevia soda contains between 12-13 grams of carbohydrate per can.  If you’re following the BFC, you know that you are only allowed 6 carb servings per day of less than 20 grams.    Umm . . . I certainly don’t want to “spend” 1/3 of my carbs on a Zevia soda!!   With the BFC carb restriction it is tough enough to try to get in all the fiber you need and stay under the limit.  Using 2 carb servings on something with no nutritional value doesn’t make much sense to me . . . but then, it’s all about personal choice, isn’t it?  😀

Here is the text of the changes that will be made in the next print edition of The BFC:

The following changes will be made in the next printing of The Belly Fat
Cure. We appreciate your input!
Page 100 Belly Good Value for the Belly Fat Cure Drink should be 0/2

Page 194 Belly Bad description should read Taco Bell Soft Taco Supreme

Page 269 Value for Item 5 Old Fashioned Quaker Oats 1/2 cup should be


Page 291 Values for Zevia sodas items 1 through 6 should be 0/1

Page 306 Value for Celery stalk, medium should be 0/0

Page 309 Value for Walnuts, Kirkland Signature should be 1/0

Page 313 Taco Bell Taco Supreme should read Crunchy Taco Supreme



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5 responses to “Zevia Soda: Is it worth the carbs?

  1. 2hotwings

    I’m not on his plan, but it is interesting that he wants it counted as 1 carb! I guess it must be close to the threshold of having to claim 1 carb according to the FDA or something. I recently started drinking Zevia and I really like it! Also wanted to let you know that I am going to subscribe to your blog – great posts! (PS: LOVE the nurse cupcakes at the top!)


    • Thanks for your comment, Karyn! Yes, Zevia soda actually has around 12 carbs. On Jorge’s plan, one serving of carbs = 20 carbs or less. At first, Zevia advertised that it was 0 of anything . . . on the more recent purchases it lists between 12 and 13 carbs on the nutrition panel . . . which is pretty significant for people who are watching carbs. I’m still drinking them on occasion, but definitely not 2 per day!

      • 2hotwings

        Over 10 carbs – that’s more than a little disturbing! I am bummed – thought I had finally found a diet soda with no artificial nastiness that I could drink. You are right – it is just not worth it if you are carb counting. BTW.. thank you so much for the link! 🙂

  2. I am one of the founders of Zevia. We created Zevia because before it there was never a sugar-free, zero carb, natural soda.

    I have good news. There are ZERO net carbs in Zevia.

    The carbohydrates in Zevia come from erythritol, which is extracted naturally from vegetables. The human body does not digest erythritol, but rather excretes it unchanged. The carbs never convert to energy, have no calories, and have no impact on glycemic index, blood sugar, or insulin levels.

    The Belly Fat Cure recommends 6 servings of carbs per day. If you count Zevia as a serving, then you are depriving yourself of real carbs, and not getting the type of energy and nutrition that carbs provide.

    That’s why we say Zevia has zero “net ” carbs.

    For these reasons, we believe the proper S/C ratio should be 0/0.

    So why do we show carbs on the can when there aren’t really carbs? The FDA requires us to label them, even though the carbs are passed through the body without taking effect. It’s odd I know.

    To learn more, please visit http://www.AboutErythritol.com.

    If you have questions, please contact me. My email address is dnewman@zevia.com

    Thank you. Chill & Enjoy!

    • Thank you for your response. I truly hope that I will be able to count Zevia as 0/0 on the BFC!

      Currently, Jorge does not allow counting net carbs on The Belly Fat Cure. In his most recent “Insider’s Club” program for women over 40, there are no beverages listed other than coffee and water. That is one of the reasons I haven’t participated in that plan. I’m still drinking one Zevia soda a day . . . I just can’t give up everything!

      By the way, I tried the Black Cherry and the Ginger Ale flavors when I was out of town and let me just say . . . awesome! Unfortunately i can’t find those flavors locally.

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