Diet Friday

I’m going to just jump right in and get the hard part over with.  I did not lose any weight this week.  To answer your next question, no , I did not cheat or otherwise veer from the charted course.  I’m not sure what else to tell you.  Even if I had not been strictly on plan, I technically should have lost just on the virtue of the decreased calorie count.  So, I’ve been good and still haven’t lost weight.  Life isn’t fair.  Life can be rough . . . get a manicure and a good helmet and get over it.

On the plus side, I have lost an inch off of my waist.  Yay!  And today, just when I was starting to get the teensiest bit discouraged, someone I hadn’t seen in a month asked me if I had lost weight.  (And she doesn’t follow my blog, so she didn’t know I was dieting!)

This week, on his Facebook page, Jorge Cruise launched a new program for women over 40.   Many of the BFC women over 40 are complaining that they have been on this program faithfully for over a month and haven’t lost anything.  I give Jorge lots of credit for listening and responding.  He posted a “No Fail Menu” for women over 40 and asked women to follow the program EXACTLY for 7 days without exception.  I downloaded the menu and while I have no doubt that women WiLL lose weight on this program, it is VERY MUCH a DIET.  It is very restrictive and somewhat along the lines of South Beach.  Sorry, but this is Valentine’s Day weekend and I have no intention of taking Draconian measures this week, thank you very much.  But it is refreshing that he actually listened and took seriously the woes of the over-40 female dieter.  I’m just trying SO hard not to go on a serious diet.  If you’re interested you can download a copy of the 7-day plan on his website:

In the meantime, I have been doing mega-research on hormonal balance, the endocrine system, insulin levels and weight.  My UPS man either loves me (for keeping UPS in business) or hates me (because he stops here daily) due to my frequent Amazon book purchases. 

I’ll probably be tweaking my plan a bit soon.  I’ll keep you posted on what I have learned and what does and doesn’t work for me . . . the cliched over-40 female dieter!


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  1. Shirley Williams

    I will be waiting to see what “tweeking” you have to do to your diet. As an over-40 female, I know that it is harder to lose weight than when I was younger, so I applaud your quest.

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