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What I Love Today

I have taken to having a spot of tea in the afternoon.  Being something of an Anglophile, I’ve always been a fan of the English tradition of afternoon tea.  I must confess, however, that the appeal of the scone was really a bigger draw than the tea itself. 

Now that I’m shying away from that mid-afternoon sugar rush, I needed to find a tea that could stand alone as the star of the show.  Happily, the Tropical Green Tea from Revolution does just that.  Revolution Tea’s Tropical Green is a natural blend of Dragonwell green tea, Young Hyson and pineapple flavoring.

First, the packaging.  This tea is packaged in a silky nylon pyramid-shaped infuser bag. It feels luxurious. The smell alone is heavenly even before brewing.  I’m seriously thinking of using some as drawer sachets. 

It holds the perfect amount of loose-blend tea to brew a two-cup pot.

Second, the taste.  No bitterness, and none of that overwhelming mix of tart flavors so often found in a tropical blend.  This is a lush, green tropical island with a hint of a gentle breeze from the ocean.  OK, I’m getting a little carried away . . . it is just tea, but it’s really good.

You probably have read all about the health benefits of green tea, including EGCG and antioxidants.  This is the first green tea I have found that is an absolute delight to all the senses, as well as being healthy. 

I’m (almost) not even missing the scone.



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