Links to Blogs I Follow

Nurse Blogs

Head NurseShe’s the nurse you wish you worked with because she’s smart, funny and irreverent, and you know she takes great care of her patients.

Nursing NotesShirley Williams finds timely and relevant articles on nursing and posts them on this site, usually with a thoughtful comment.

Reality RoundsAn eye-opening nursing blog with a focus on neonatal and L&D issues.

impactEDnurse.comHe’ll make you laugh.  He’ll make you cry.  He’ll make you laugh until you cry.  If I ever get rolled into the emergency department, this is the nurse I want to be looking up at from my gurney.  As he is in Australia, that is quite unlikely to happen.

Diet, Health and Wellness Blogs

Weighless and WeightlessBreeze has just started following the basics of the Belly Fat Cure.

14 Months to 50Lisa is making some lifestyle changes in the quest to look and feel great at 50.  Hmmm . . . I think some of us can relate.

Hot Wings and Other ThingsYou are going to be amazed at the journey of  2hotwings.  She has lost 60 pounds and has 129 to go!  Go cheer her on!   She has done some research on hormones and weight loss, and when the going gets tough she isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit.

Food Blogs

The Pioneer WomanRee Drummond has turned into the most popular girl on the blog, and with good reason.  She makes you feel like she’s your funny best friend . . . just you and thousands of others.  She’s a great home cook, and is kind enough to demonstrate each step of her recipes with wonderful photographs.  She also shares her story about her life as a wife and mother on an Oklahoma cattle ranch with witty and touching detail.  Even though she cooks all that fattening food and is thin as a rail . . . you still can’t hate her ’cause she’s so darn cute and sweet.

Carb Wars-Judy Barnes Baker wrote the book Carb Wars:  Sugar is the New Fat.  She follows a low carb diet, but she has some great recipes for those who are cutting out sugar.

For Your Amusement

I Can Has Cheezburger? Those crazy lolcats!

Fail Blog Fail On!

Cake Wrecks – When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong


One response to “Links to Blogs I Follow

  1. Shirley Williams

    Thanks for the listing. I will be adding your blog to my blogroll, too. Keep the comments coming because you always have interesting things to say.

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